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Dilju limited edition dinner gowns, wedding gowns, shoes, necklaces, bags, male suits, and more are available under the Celestial product line. You won't go wrong here if you're looking for something expensive with high-end precious stones and extravagant designs that scream luxury. Only limited Celestial offers exist each season. Any orders for the Celestial line must be made in advance to be included in the season's numbers.
Please note that Dilju currently has two product lines under fashion, namely: Celestial and Elegant.
The Elegant line hosts affordable fashion which are also very gorgeous, and best quality is guaranteed, but they're affordable and must be bought in bulk by only wholesalers.
However, the Celestial line is the special edition with designs, materials and quality that are extraordinarily ethereal. The Celestial are not sold in bulk and many are not made.

Gorgeously stand out in every event with our premium level fashion.
Custom wears are also available upon request and will be specifically tailored to your personal desire.

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